Getting Started


Welcome to the Share911 Welcome Center! Here you can learn everything from how to setup your new Share911 channel to how to check-in. Simply follow the path that best describes your role! 



The short version

The most productive, quickest way to understand how Share911 can help you is to practice use it with others. We recommend that you and your co-workers conduct a few training exercises or drills in order to get comfortable using Share911. In the meantime, here are just a few short things anyone trying Share911 for the first time should do before your first drill or actual emergency.

Sign Up

If you're employer has launched a Share911 Network and Channel for your workplace, it's easy for you to sign up and start using it. You and everyone you work with can sign up here using your work email address. If you don't have a work email address, ask your Share911 Network Administrator to invite you. Either way, activate your account and setup your profile.

Add Share911 to the home screen on your mobile devices

Share911 is used in an emergency so you want it to be easy to access. Make sure you and everyone you work with has added it to the home screen of your mobile devices. Share911 is also available through desktop browsers, but most people use it on mobile. Once you are signed in to your Share911 account in your browser, follow the instructions for adding that webpage to your home screen for your specific device. For assistance on how to do this visit this site

Set your notification preferences

When an emergency is happening, you will be notified by email (by default). We recommend adding your mobile number to your profile to receive text alerts and enabling desktop popups, also found in your profile. You can also enable or disable drill alerts for each network that you are a member of or have visibility to. If you disable drill alerts, you will not receive alerts when a drill is being conducted.

Select your favorite check-in locations

Every second counts when you find yourself in an emergency. You can select your favorite locations in your profile and they will appear at the top of your location list.


Take a few minutes to look around. Explore the features of your Share911 channel and familiarize yourself with where things are. Important safety tip, if your channel says ACTIVE on the upper left, don't hit any buttons unless you want to alert your co-workers or local emergency responders!