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Import People via SFTP


Share911 now offers a secure SFTP server which customers may use to update employee data or remove terminated employees. The format is standard XLS, XLSX, or CSV and the file would typically be generated from an employee database so that the process can be automated.

File Format

The file format used is the same as outlined in Import People via Spreadsheet.  Please see that document for details.

SFTP Setup

Contact to set up your SFTP account.  You will need three things:

  1. A Share911 account with Manage Users permissions on the channels you wish to grant access to.
  2. An SFTP User ID which we will provide.
  3. An RSA key file for authentication.

Share911 uses RSA key files rather than passwords to authenticate with our SFTP server. If you already have a private RSA key you can send us your public RSA key to use. If not, we can help you generate a new public and private key pair.  

Upload Process

SFTP Client

You can use any SFTP client to upload your data file. For example Filezilla.


The configuration settings are:

Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol


Port: 22 (or leave blank)

Logon Type: Key file

User: <STFP User ID provided by Share911 support>

Key file: <path to your RSA key file>

Upload Steps

  1. Connect to Share911's FTP server
  2. Upload your data file to your "uploads" directory.
  3. Once processing is complete, find your results in the "downloads" directory.

For security, your uploaded file will be automatically deleted after it has been processed.

When processing is complete, a csv file with results will be written to the "downloads" directory.  The name will be the processed file name plus "_output".  For example, if "test.csv" was uploaded, "downloads/test_output.csv" will hold the results.  

NOTE: Some FTP clients will not refresh their local file cache if the local file name matches the remote file name.  This can cause the results file to appear to not be updating after a new upload if the uploaded file name matches the previously uploaded file.  It is recommended that each uploaded data file have a unique name or that the output file be downloaded and deleted from the SFTP server's "downloads" directory after each attempt.

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