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Using the Import People feature with manually managed channels

The Import People feature allows quick employee management via the uploading of a spreadsheet.  It is common to export an Excel or CSV file from an HR system or central datastore which is a great way to keep the two systems in-sync.

Sometimes there are channels in Share911 that do not match up 1-to-1 with the locations in your central datastore.  Examples of these channels may include: Emergency Network channels, Training channels, and Reunification channels.  Membership in these channels are usually set up by hand which can pose an issue when a spreadsheet is uploaded.

To keep the manually managed access from being overwritten when a spreadsheet upload is performed, Share911 supports the concept of an "optionalShareIds" column in the spreadsheet.

This column would contain a list of ShareIDs that should be left as-is on the target user's account, if they already have access. So any manually managed channels should be included in a "optionalShareIds" column for every row.


Here are two example spreadsheets to help explain how this feature works:

1. example1 - does not have a value in the "optionalShareIds" column
2. example2 - has a Share ID in the "optionalShareIds" column

Scenario A:  "" is either a new user with no existing account or an existing user with access to channel "ABC123" (both cases result in the same outcome).

In this case, uploading either spreadsheet will result in the same result, the "" account will no longer have access to "ABC123" and will have access to the "sharevilledemo/livingstonhs" channel.

So the end results for Scenario A are:

  example1 - "sharevilledemo/livingstonhs"

  example2 - "sharevilledemo/livingstonhs"

Scenario B: "" is an existing user will access to the "ABC123" and "sharevilledemo/publicsafety" channels.

In this case, the different spreadsheets will produce different results.  In both cases, the user will no longer have access to "ABC123" and will have access to "sharevilledemo/livingstonhs".  

The difference is in the treatment of the "sharevilledemo/publicsafety" channel.  Uploading example1 will result in the user losing access to the public safety channel.  Uploading example2 will preserve the user's access to the public safety channel.

So the end results for Scenario B are:

  example1 - "sharevilledemo/livingstonhs"

  example2 - "sharevilledemo/livingstonhs" and "sharevilledemo/publicsafety"

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