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Import People via Spreadsheet

Uploading User Data

Share911 supports the import of staff data via spreadsheets in XLS, XLSX, ODS, or CSV format.

Required permissions

To import users, you must first have the Manage Users permission.  If you need to have this permission added to your account, please contact your account admin or email for assistance.

Visit the Import People page

The Import People link is located near the top of your User Menu, found by clicking your name in the top-right.

Create your spreadsheet

The Import People page has links to an example import file that you can use as a template as well as notes on which columns are required.  At the bottom of the page, you can find a useful utility to look up the Share ID for a channel, which is required in the spreadsheet so that we know which channels a person should have access to.  (We use Share ID rather than the channel name since the name can be changed while the Share ID is constant.)
The Action column requires one of two values:  "save" or "delete".  Save is for updating existing user data or creating new users.  Delete will remove user accounts of terminated staff.

Perform the upload

Drag your spreadsheet onto the page or click the "Click here to select file" button to initiate the import.

Understanding the results

Once your spreadsheet has been processed, you will be presented with a log of the results.

An error message will be displayed for any invalid spreadsheet rows.  An error in one row does not affect processing of another row.  If you need help resolving displayed errors, please contact .  Some errors can be safely ignored, such as when an employee account marked for termination can not be found due to it having already been deleted. 

Notes for newly created users

The import WILL send invite emails to new users.  New user accounts created via import automatically have their email addresses marked as "verified" and will receive active and drill alert notifications via email and mobile if a number was supplied.  They can also check-in using the link they receive in the alert notification. 

Email invites will expire after 3 days.  New users who have not accepted the email invite will be prompted to create a new password the first time that they attempt to log in.

While not required, we recommend encouraging all new users to accept the email invite so that they can quickly log in and initiate an event in the case of an emergency, rather than just respond to one initiated by someone else.  Please see our Bulk Invite help page for more information.  Users with access to more than one channel only need to be invited once. 

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