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Getting started for new members

Getting started for new members

Since you’re already familiar with what Share911 is all about, we’ll show you how to get started next. How you proceed depends on the way you’ll be using Share911: either as an individual member or the person that manages a Share911 workplace.

We’ve built guides to cover both paths, simply choose the route that’s best for you:

If you'd like to join an existing Share911 workplace, read on! 

Or, if you want to earn how to manage one, hop over to our guide tailored to workspace creators and admins.

Getting started for members

If you're looking to join your organization's Share911 network, this section of the guide is for you. As a member, you'll be able to use Share911 to report danger, request help and receive alerts and messages during an emergency where you work.

Step 1 — Join a Share911 network

There are two ways to join an existing Share911 network: accept the email invitation that you’ve been sent or create an account on the network using your company email address. (This option is only available if the Share911 network allows email signup.)

  • Accept an email invitation to join.
    Open the email invitation, and click Join. We’ll guide you along, but we’ll ask you to enter your full name, your job title, mobile number, and emergency contact information. We’ll also ask you to choose a password so you can sign in and out with ease. 
  • Join with an approved email address.
    Some organizations allow their employees to sign up on their own as long as they have an approved email address. To see if your organization permits this, go to

Step 2 — Set up your profile

Filling out your Share911 profile helps your managers and public safety personnel contact you or your emergency contact in the event of an emergency. We’ll already have the basics from when you created your account, but some networks may have included some additional custom profile fields.

Jump to the Edit your profile article on the Help Center for detailed instructions.

Step 3 — Download Share911's desktop app

You can sign in and use Share911 from a web browser on your desktop at any time (just go to But by downloading our desktop app, you can receive desktop alerts when an emergency is happening or access Share911 quickly to report danger or request help.

(If your organization does not permit you to download and/or install software on your computer, please see your tech department for assistance.)

Step 4 - Add Share911 to your mobile home screen

You can sign in and use Share911 on your mobile device at any time (just go to But by creating a shortcut on your mobile home screen, you can quickly access Share911 in order to share emergency information. To see step-by-step instructions on how to add Share911 to your mobile home screen, click here.

What's next?

Now that you are set up with a complete profile and Share911 app on your desktop and your devices, we’ll show you what it looks like to actually work in Share911. 

Jump to Working in Share911 to learn about how to report danger, request help, account for co-workers, see what is happening around you during an emergency, and how Share911 can help you when it matters most.

Or, you can learn more on our Help Center

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