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Email template for introducing Share911

Email template for introducing Share911

Share911 works best when your whole workforce is on board, without leaving anyone in the dark. We've put together a customizable template you can send to your workforce to help everyone start using Share911 to communicate and make help happen faster.


  1. Copy the template below.
  2. Customize any [bolded] text.
  3. Add additional context to help your workforce understand how and why you're adopting Share911.
  4. Remove content that isn't relevant to your workforce.
  5. Send the email to your workforce and ask them to reply with any questions or comments on Share911!

Hi everyone,

As some of you know, we're moving to Share911 for our internal emergency communications. Share911 is the fastest way for you to alert your co-workers when they are in immediate danger or you need their help. It connects everyone during an emergency of any kind and lets everyone see the exact same information, in one place, in real-time, on our computers and mobile devices. Having everything in one place enables help to happen faster and helps everyone make better, more-informed decisions during any kind of emergency. We want to be using the best communications tools to help us be more prepared for any workplace emergency.

Before we get started, please get yourself set up:

  • Head over here: [channel URL] and sign up with your work email. There are already [# of people on Share911] on Share911 from [name departments/teams], so join us!
  • Once you have added your mobile number to your Share911 profile, you will receive a text alert and link to sign in on your mobile device. 
  • Check out Share911's video guides.

What can Share911 do for you?

Enable you to alert all of your co-workers when they are in danger.

Enable you to get help faster if you are in danger, are trapped or having a medical emergency.

Improve your decision making during workplace emergencies.

Bring emergency information including alerts and notifications to you from one source and deliver them wherever you are.

Questions? Feedback?

If you have questions about our Share911 account, please contact me directly by sending an email to [your email address here] or call me at [your phone number here]. If you have general questions about Share911, their Help Center is a great resource.

[Fill in with any other next steps if applicable]

[Your name]

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