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Creating A Share911 Account

Creating a Share911 account

If you have been invited to join a Share911 channel, the first step is setting up your account. Just click on the link in the invitation email to get started:

1. Check your inbox for an invitation to join a Share911

2. Click the Activate Now button

3. On the signup page, provide the requested information, choose your password and click Create account

That's it, you're in! 

Need an invitation email?

There are a couple of ways to get an invite to a Share911 channel:

Join with an approved email address

Your employer may let you create an account with an email address that matches your employers email domain, like Just visit the Sign Up page, then enter your email address. Share911 will send you an invitation email, and you can follow the steps above.

Get in touch with a Share911 Channel Manager

If you haven't received an invitation yet, contact an Administrator on the Channel and ask them to send (or resend) your invite.

If the email doesn't arrive, be sure to check all the tabs, folders, and spam filters in your inbox.

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