Tips for channel managers and admins

We've put together these pointers to help you make Share911 work for your organization.


  • Take a moment to get set up before you introduce Share911 to your members.

  • Start by inviting a small pilot team to give Share911 a try.
  • Choose how new members will sign up - you can allow account creation with a company email address, or by invitation only.
  • Promote trusted members to be Channel Managers to help you manage your channel.
  • Create, organize, and populate locations for a few channels for new team members to use when they join so they aren't confused.
  • Put your Share911 channels in Drill Mode for a week and let members use them as much as they want

Welcome to Share911

Share911 is an easy-to-use emergency messaging app for co-workers that brings all of your emergency communication into one place. Whatever it is you do, there are a few simple steps you can take while setting Share911 up for your organization to help everyone get started as quickly and productively as possible. Hope this guide helps. We're glad you're here.

Start with a pilot team

Choose a specific week to try Share911 with a few team members. Organize a small group of people that work closely together and give it a try. We recommend running a few of our sample drills for a day or two, so your team can realize the benefits.

Set up Channel Preferences

Choosing the right preferences helps everyone in your organization get the best possible experience. We'll go over some of these key preferences below, but more information can also be found in the Channel Settings section of our Help Center.

Team Signup

Self-Signup - you can allow team members to sign up using one or more company email domains.

Invitations - Channel Managers can invite new team members to Share911 from the Invitations page.

Establish Channel Conventions

Drill With Share911

Suggested Drills

The most powerful way for your workforce to see the benefit in Share911 is to let them use it. We suggest that you place your Share911 channel in Drill Mode for the first week or two and let everyone know that it's okay to use the system as much as they would like.

Employee-Issued Emergency Check-In - with your Channel in Drill Mode, select a member of your channel to check-in with an emergency status Threat Nearby to simulate their identification of a workplace violence emergency. 

Management-Issued Emergency Alert -

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