Onboarding checklist for new users

We've broken down the basics of Share911 with this handy new user checklist to share with your workforce.


  1. If your organization is brand new to Share911, create and populate your channels before sharing this document. This way, your workforce will have channels to join as they register.
  2. Share this link with your workforce. Or print out the PDF so you can check each item off one by one.
  3. Encourage your workforce to practice using Share911 in drill mode once they've finished the checklist so everyone can see how it works. 

Welcome to Share911!

Once you complete this checklist, you'll be up and running on Share911 in no time. It should only take a few moments.

Before you begin...

If you've never used Share911 before, head to help.share911.com/videoguides and watch the "What is Share911?" video at the top. We'll get to the others later.

Step 1: Logging in

Join your co-workers at share911.com and log in.

Step 2: Setting up your profile

Fill out your profile - be sure to include your first and last name, your role, mobile number (optional, but required to receive text alerts and messages) and your emergency contact information.  If you wish to receive desktop popup alerts, be sure to enable them. Be sure to hit Save Changes!

Step 3: Setting up your preferences

While in your profile, move over to the My Channels tab and select your "favorite" locations - these should be the places you are most likely to be during a normal work day. You should also opt-in for drill alerts if you wish to receive them. Be sure to hit Save Changes!

Step 4: Getting Started

Watch the videos listed below (and more if you'd like) at help.share911.com/videoguides. They're short but full of useful tips!

 You’re finished! Well done, you!!


Download this guide and distribute it to your workforce to help them get comfortable with Share911 as quickly as possible!