Member Onboarding

Share911 makes it easy for your employees to join a channel using their work email address.

1. Access Manage Channel

2. Select Registration tab

  • Email Domains - enter the email domain that your employees use. Employees with a matching email address will be able to self-register and join this channel. If you have more than one email domain, separate them with a comma.
  • Require administrator approval of self-registered user before they may join? - check the box if you wish to receive a once-daily email notification of pending members. If you do not check this box, membership will be immediate.
  • Completion Code - enter an optional code to send to people who have completed enrollment. This is typically used to track progress as part of a computer-assisted training course.
  • Email Invitation Options - if you wish to create a custom message body and subject line for invites, enter that information here.