Manage Channel Locations

Locations are very important to Share911. Your channel members select their physical location inside or outside of your workplace based on the channel locations.

There are two types of channel locations:

Interior locations: These are locations inside your workplace where a channel member may experience or seek shelter during an emergency. Your interior locations should be as granular and detailed as possible.

Exterior locations: These are locations outside of your workplace where a channel member may experience or evacuate to during an emergency. Your exterior locations should include  locations such as nearby parking lots, streets and fields but should also include off-site evacuation and reunification zones.

1. Access Manage Channels

2. Select Locations tab

3. Add new check-in locations

Name or room # - enter the name or room number for a location you wish to add.

What floor is it on? - enter the floor number for the location. If this is an exterior location, leave this blank.

Closets entry door # (optional) - identify the closest entry door to this interior location and enter the door number or name (if doors are not numbered)

Click Add

4. Location options

If you wish to have channel locations appear grouped by the floor that they are on, check this box.

5. Edit existing channel locations

To change an existing location, select Edit Locations and make the change(s).

6. Delete existing channel locations

To delete an existing location, select Delete Locations, locate the location and click delete

7. Select Exterior Locations

Click on the Select Exterior tab

To add an exterior location from the left column, click on locations which are exterior.

To remove an exterior location from the right column, click on it and it will move back to the left column..