Editing your profile

Completing your Share911 profile helps your co-workers, managers and participating first responders learn more about you during an emergency. Here's how to add details about yourself, set your preferences, and set your favorite locations.

Filling out profile information

You can edit your profile and add new details right within Share911.

  1. Click on your name or Menu on the top right of the page to open the menu.
  2. Select Update my profile. This will open your profile.
  3. Make your edits and click Save Changes when you're done!

The default profile fields for all channels are:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address

The following profile fields are optional for all channels:

  • Job Title / Position
  • Mobile Number
    • If you wish to receive emergency alerts and messages via Share911 via text, you must provide your mobile number in your profile.
    • Your mobile number will not be shared with your co-workers but will be shared with your managers and authorized public safety personnel as a means to contact you during an emergency.
  • Employee ID
  • Manager ID
  • Emergency Contact Name
    • This should be the person you would want your manager or authorized public safety personnel to contact in the event you are incapcitated.
  • Emergency Contact Number
    • This should be the best phone number to reach your emergency contact.
  • Desktop Popups
    • If you wish to receive emergency alerts and messages via Share911 via desktop, you should check this box.
  • Communication Preferences