Changing your mobile number

The mobile number you use when signing up for Share911 is where we'll send important texts like emergency alerts and messages, and is used by management and authorized public safety personnel to reach you, so you'll want to keep it up to date.

You can change your mobile number at any time - here's how:

  1. Go to the Mobile Number section of your Profile page:
  2. Enter your new mobile number. Double-check that you've entered the number correctly!
  3. Click the blue Verify Text Messaging button
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. Check your mobile device for a text message from Share911 with the subject Mobile Verification.
  6. Open the text message, follow the instructions and click the link

The link will take you back to your Profile page, where you'll see your new, confirmed address in the Email Address section. 

Missing mobile number verification

You should receive a verification text message from Share911 shortly after you click the blue Verify Text Messaging button. If you're not, try the following:

  • Open your profile and check for typos in the number you entered. If the number is incorrect, you can change it by following the steps above.

If you're still not receiving the verification text message, send us a note and we'll do our best to help!